Anna Gabriella Chagas Antici - Director - President

Partner and CIO of Ace Gestão Global, an investment management created in 2013 to manage a global portfolio of shares exclusively for a Family Office in Brazil. Prior to that, Gabriella worked at Goldman Sachs Asset Management for 16 years between New York, London and São Paulo, having held various positions in portfolio management. Her last position was as Executive Director and Portfolio Manager. She previously worked for HSBC Asset Management, Baring Asset Management and Fidelity Investments in NY and Boston. Gabriella is married, has three children and has faced breast cancer 2 times.


Cristina Assumpção - Executive Director

Master in Business Administration with marketing specialization from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona and  graduated with honnors in architecture from Anahuac University in Mexico. She has more than 15 years of professional experience in Consulting, Project Management and New Business Development. She has worked in many clients in several market sectors in Brazil and abroad. Cristina is married, has 2 children and faced a uterine cancer at age 23.


Eleonora Antici R. de Souza - Financial Director

Graduated in Business Administration, she is currently executive partner of Estater Gestão e Finanças. Her career was traced in the financial market through BBA and Icatu Banks. Eleonora is Director of the Estater Institute that invests in social projects focused on Education and Social Inclusion of children and adolescents of low income. She is Counselor of the NGO Pró Saber SP. She has 3 children and surpassed the breast cancer that appeared when she was only 34 years old.


Nira Miguez Cará - Social Project Coordinator

Master in Economic and Social Development focusing on the areas of Health and Education from Université Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne, Nira specializes in social project management. Worked with development issues related to health care in France (Médecins du Monde, Paris) and Angola (Africare, Luanda). She also has experience in the evaluation and research of educational programs (The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab - JPAL, Paris), project management of volunteer programs (Atados, São Paulo), as well as in the area of financial planning (Johnson & Johnson, São Paulo).


Raffaella Antici - Legal Director

Rafaella holds a Bachelor of Law degree from PUC-RJ and has a "Orientation to the USA Law" from the University of California in Davis. Rafaella specializes in international contracts for GVLaw in São Paulo. She worked at Veirano Advogados until founding the AVW Advogados office in 2011, mainly in the areas of Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Family and Probate Law. She is married and has two children.


Camila Silveira - Administrative Analyst

Student of the 3rd year of Law by the Paulista University, Camila has already worked in the administrative area of a law firm, as an executive secretary as well as in other functions.

 She had a history of  benign nodules in the breast and, because of this experience, believes that early diagnosis is essential and that all family and structural support is important at times like this!

Consulting Board 

In order to assist us in our strategic decisions, we invited 7 professional professionals and experts in each area of activity; Third Sector, Fundraising, Events, Communication, etc. Many of them had breast cancer and lived with the challenges of fighting this disease.


Carola MB Matarazzo

Graduated in Business Administration from FAAP-SP, Ana Carolina, or more commonly known as Carola, owned a fabric store for decoration and carpentry, before becoming involved with Liga Solidária, a non-profit organization with 95 years of existence . Throughout 18 years of volunteer work in the Liga, Carola went through several positions, among them the treasurer, until arriving at the presidency where she remained from 2012 to 2018. Today she continues as Counselor of the League, in addition to our Institute.


Claudia de Freitas Vidigal

A psychologist, Claudia founded and led the Instituto Fazendo História for 10 years, receiving several awards and recognitions for her work. She is currently on the Council of Fazendo História and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). She is a Fellow of Ashoka Empreendedores Socials, of the Ford Fund, and composes the Folha de Empreendedores Socias Network. In 2016 and 2017 she acted as National Secretary for the Rights of Children and Adolescents in the Ministry of Human Rights.


Cristiane Feijó Uflacker

Graduated in Publicity and Propaganda from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Cristiane has almost 20 years of experience in the advertising market, having already developed advertising campaigns, design projects, promotions, events and online media strategies. She specialized in Visual Programming at the Ritter dos Reis University Center and worked at Escala, McCann Erickson, Duda Propaganda and Momentum agencies. She faced aggressive and rare breast cancer: half positive, half negative.


Cristiane Lotaif

Graduated in Architecture from Universidade Mackenzie (SP), she worked in the Retail Sector for many years, then in Marketing and Retail at Shopping Cidade Jardim and was Commercial Director at Christian Dior in the country. For years Cris has dedicated herself to different social causes, especially in the area of Fund Raising for some Organizations. Mother of two children, after overcoming breast cancer, has contributed to several organizations in the area of Health. Among them, Cris is part of the Deliberative Council of the Hospital Sírio Libanês.


Maria Cecília Almeida e Silva E. Lins

Master in Education at PUC-SP, specialization in Management in Social Innovation by the Amani Institute; specialization in Psychopedagogy by CEPERJ; she is a professor in basic education, founder and executive director of Instituto Pró-Saber São Paulo in the community of Paraisópolis since 2003. Maria is still Leader of the Social Committee of the Women of Brazil Group. She is Married and has three children, Maria believes that Education is a powerful tool for reducing social inequality.


Maria Lucia Vidigal

She has a degree in Speech and Hearing Therapy from the Federal University of São Paulo (USP-SP) and a Master's Degree in Pathophysiology from the Medical School (USP-SP). Luly Vidigal, as she is best known, worked for 25 years as a Speech Therapist, in which 8 years were at Hospital Albert Einstein. Meanwhile, Luly found herself becoming a master of floral arrangements at the Ikebana School in NY. The florist has already taught at the NY Bothanical Garden, has already won the Best Floral Arrangement of the 25th Orchid Show at the Rockefeller Center and now owns a studio in São Paulo. Luly has 4 children and is a Counselor for the nonprofit organization TUCCA.

Tania (1).png

Mônica Ferro

A businesswoman in the lighting sector, Mônica Ferro founded the Wall Lamps company in 1995. The brand is consolidated as one of the most important and respected lighting stores in Brazil and works with the country's leading architects and lighting technicians. Monica has a son and with joy and determination has overcome breast cancer. She believes it is easier to overcome this disease surrounded by friends and a professional and loving network of support.


Tania Cajado de Freitas Valle

Studied Business Administration and is graduated in Interior Decoration and Photography from the Escola Paamericana de Arte. She worked as a decorator for more than 15 years in her first office until 2010 when she moved out of Brazil. Back in Brazil since 2018, Tânia resumes her activity in social causes in 2019. Has always been committed to Hope, Solidarity League, HIAE, Jardim Angela, among others. Tânia is married, has two children, one daughter and three granddaughters. In 2004 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and overcame with the full support of family and friends.


Supervisory Board 

Fabiana Valerio Arana

Fábio Whitaker Vidigal

Flávia Cipovicci Berenguer