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Breast Cancer: Institute Protea helps low-income women in the treatment of the disease

The Institute Protea is a non-governmental non-profit organization that aims to help low- income breast cancer patients gain early access to treatment, thereby increasing their chances of curing the disease. The NGO was created by Gabriella Antici, a businesswoman who has overcome twice the disease and decided to help other women who probably would not have the same chance due to lack of resources. Every hour, there are almost two women who lose their lives for breast cancer in Brazil. Late diagnosis, combined with the lack of preventive examinations and medical resources, is one of the main causes of the high number of deaths due to the disease in our country.

Gabriella has assembled a team of counselors, women who have also overcome cancer, or with solid experience in social organizations, and a scientific council, made up of some of the most renowned oncologists and mastologists in the country, with ample wisdom and decades of professional experience in the fight against breast cancer.

Although breast cancer has a 95% chance of cure, 25% of Brazilians die up to five years of diagnosis. This rate is almost three times higher than in the United States and Europe. Despite the harsh reality, Protea arises to support patients in the fight against breast cancer because we believe that all women have the right to quick access to a dignified and quality treatment.

Those interested in contributing to the cause of Institute Protea and being a donor can access, write an email to or contact the following telephone number: + 55 11 98425 - 1393.

About Institute Protea

The Institute Protea is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to giving access to free breast cancer treatment for low-income patients. All the resources collected by the Institute are applied directly and exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Founded in 2018, with women who have surpassed breast cancer among members of the executive board, Protea, in partnership with hospitals, has reputed mastologists and oncologists on the scientific board to facilitate and expand access to medical resources and shorten waiting for the treatment, multiplying the chances of curing the women diagnosed with the disease. Protea is one of the most beautiful, robust and ancient flowers in the world and represents transformation, hope and strength. Her name was chosen to symbolize the extraordinary ability of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer to excel.




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