Did you know that breast cancer is the type of cancer that kills most women in Brazil? And is it already the second cause of all the deaths of women in Brazil, only behind the diseases of the circulatory system? However, if diagnosed early and treated properly and with quality, it has a 95% chance to be cure


The mortality rate of this disease is much higher in Brazil than in other countries. On average, 42 women die each day from breast cancer. That is, 25% of patients die after five years of diagnosis in our country, while in the US, for example, that rate is only 10%

The Protea Institute was born in 2018 because we believe that all women have the full right to life and therefore have the right to a dignified, quality and agile treatment after the diagnosis of breast cancer. We know that women are warlike and resilient, especially in adverse situations. So, we want to be your partners and help you in this difficult step so that your life remains beautiful, light and strong after the illness for many, many years!

Protea is one of the most beautiful and ancient flowers in the world. Coming from South Africa, its name derives from the Greek God Proteus, a divine with the power of metamorphosis. The Protea flower has the ability to transform and adapt to inhospitable conditions of the environment. A robust and resistant flower, Protea means transformation, hope and strength, a great representation of strength and resilience to adapt and overcome the disease our breast cancer patients have!

Our mission is to provide, in an agile and qualitative way, the treatment of breast cancer for low-income women.

Our Vision is that all women must have quick access to a worthy treatment for the cure of the breast cancer.

Our Institute is governed by the following values:

  • Equality

  • Dignity 

  • Quality

  • Solidarity

We are a group of people who fight daily to increase the number of women treated among breast cancer patients and decrease the waiting time for the treatment so that we can change the mortality and increase the survival of breast cancer in Brazil. We will do everything within our reach, after all our motto is Everything for the Cure of Breast Cancer!